Why Does the Q in LGBTQ Mean Questioning?


You are more likely to get the correct answers of LGBT which is lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. However, it is easy to notice how people get tripped up by the latest addition, the letter Q. The Human Rights Campaign mostly defines it as “queer”. Many people in the LGBTQ community still find it controversial. This is because for decades the word was used to discriminate the LGBTQ community.  For Fred Sainz, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign, the Q could also stand for Questioning.  According to Sainz, this gives people who are in the process of figuring out their sexuality and identity.

Fred Sainz and other young people have taken back the word queer and made it a badge of honour. He said, “It has become a badge of honour and we are taking back a word which was once used as a weapon.” The questioning of one’s sexual identity is a process of exploration. People who identify as questioning may be unsure and are concerned about applying a social label. It is important to understand that in the modern-day the need not to apply any sexuality label to oneself is quite socially and publicly prominent. Some may also identify themselves as gender-neutral or agender.

Questioning Sexual Identity during Adolescence

Adolescence is a period of experimentation and the construction of identity begins. Adolescents may have issues understanding their sexual orientation. They may also question whether or not they fit into the predetermined social normative labels. Some adolescents may experience same-sex feelings that may confuse. This confusion declines over time with different outcomes for different individuals.

Growing Popularity of the use of LGBTQ

Despite activists using acronyms LGBTQ and LGBTQ+ for a while, the Q has come into mainstream use only recently. The HRC officially began using LGBTQ across their work in 2016. GLAAD followed issuing an announcement encouraging content creators and other media to adopt using LGBTQ. This was because the preferred acronym ensured most inclusivity which described the community.

GLAAD together with the HRC included in a letter a response to the youth identifying as queer. Questioning has been used to identify those who may still be figuring out their identity. Queer, on the other hand, can be used as an umbrella term. Some LGBTQ members use the term queer to describe the whole community while others would prefer not to use it. In the early days of the 1980s, LGBTQ activists began reclaiming the word, queer. They used it as a reminder of how they were perceived by the whole world.

Body by Nature’s Support for the LGBTQ Community

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Discrimination Peers and Society

Many student groups now include questioning in part so students aren’t compelled to take up a label. The stigma, pressures and fear of discrimination discourage many to face the problems developed through questioning.  Support from friends and family is crucial during adolescence. This is because this is the time where one’s identity is developing. They experience the most change both physically and mentally.

There are several help centres, online spaces and support groups that assist youth seeking guidance. These spaces provide helpful information in regards to one’s questioning of sexuality and gender. A great example of a national organization providing crisis support and intervention services for the LGBTQ youth is The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project

It was founded in 1998 focused on suicide prevention efforts among the LGBTQ community. Through a toll-free number, LGBTQ youth get connected to trained counsellors. The goal of the project is to offer crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for the LGBTQ youth under 25. The Trevor Project also offers resources and guidance to parents in an aim to foster safe and accepting environments.

The Trevor Lifeline seeds funds provided by The Colin Higgins Foundation making it the first nationwide around-the-clock crisis helpline. The project provides online support for the youth and resources for educators and parents.

For those who identify as Questioning their sexual orientation doesn’t change based on who they date. Many wrongfully think that identity is based on your current relationship. Canonico says. “Identity is more stable; however, its expression in terms of sexual attraction may be fluid. Questioning can mean different things and one isn’t limited to what they look like or how they physically present.

The dark history following the meaning of queer runs from the 20th century where it was used to insult the LGBTQ people. Despite people reclaiming the word, there are still mixed feelings about it and many strongly oppose it.

The common misconception about Questioning is that it is something visible. Or maybe having an unconventional style is an indicator. Some who identify as Questioning may express themselves through fashion and hairstyles. Despite this, it is still impossible to tell who identifies as Questioning Because of the growing amount of letters many jokes that the LGBTQ acronym can turn into an “alphabet soup”. However, this is to ensure that the community is all-inclusive.