Do Kids Require Vegan Vitamin Supplements?

Kids can be picky eaters but parents want them to be healthy. However, a rising misconception is that kids who have been familiarized with the vegan diet or those who chose a vegan diet are less healthy. A well planned vegan diet can easily meet and satisfy the nutritional needs of all members of the family. Giving a child a proper start in life by introducing them to a range of different plant foods should be the wish of every parent.

What Makes Up a Sufficient Vegan Diet?

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A vegan diet simply means a diet without meat, fish or any animal products including eggs, milk, honey and beeswax. However, there are different types of vegans, some consume dairy products and eggs while the strictest vegans do not. Eating meat is not the only way to acquire all the nutrients required for good health. An individual who chooses to forego meat may enjoy better health due to their plant-based foods. Also, diet choices made by vegans are always aimed at better health rather than satisfying their cravings.

Break Your Childrens Bad Eating Habits

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Children’s habits may drive you nuts but most of the common ones tend to disappear with time. However, when it comes to eating routines, parents should not assume they will drop them on their own. A child’s eating habits are usually carried over into their adult life, this is why parents should strive to deal with them early. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common eating habits kids have, why they are bad and how to break them.

Exercise and Fitness on a Vegan diet


Any fitness instructor from any part of the world will advise you that the most effective path to take to reduce excess body fat and maintain a healthy weight is by changing your eating habits. A vegan diet is made up entirely of plant-based foods, this means no meat or any animal by-product including milk, honey and eggs. The health benefits of embracing a vegan diet surpass weight loss but also helps to reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer.  However, vegans have to take precaution to ensure

Foods to Help in Your Fight Against Breast Cancer

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As treatment begins for breast cancer patients they devote themselves to healing regimens and their bodies feel the effects bit by bit. However, feeding the body and strengthening it to fight off cancer. In this article, we will discuss some of the foods that will help women and men who are fighting cancer in all stages, before, during and after receiving the diagnostics.

Vegan Diets and the Environment

Our environment is facing a lot of problems like deforestation and the worrying predictions about global warming. The destruction of animal and plant habitats will have future damaging effects. If you are trying to make some positive change there is a simple way to do it. By eating a plant-based diet you reduce your intake of animal products. This can help counter some of the environmental challenges. Below are some of the ways going on a vegan diet benefits the environment.

Are there any risks to being on a Vegan Diet?

Do Vitamin Supplements Really Kill?

A vegan diet can be very good for your body. Whether you want to lose weight, get smoother skin or help save the environment, a vegan diet is a simple way to do it. A vegan diet does not include animals or animal products like eggs and milk. Vegetarians do not eat meat but still eat animal products while vegans do not take any animal products at all. This shows that it is important for vegetarians to supplement nutrients and for vegans to find plant-based nutrients. There is a wide

The Effect of a Vegan Diet


Being on a vegan diet can have a lot of effects on your physical and mental health. This is because you have cut out some foods from your diet that your body needs. A plant-based diet will include fruits, legumes, nuts, and whole grains. Most people take care of this, by adding vegan supplements into their diet. Supplements such as multivitamins help provide essential minerals and nutrients that your body needs like iron, turmeric, and other vitamins. Even though there are good reasons to go on a vegan diet, it