Vitamins for Olympians – Swim to the Top

Vitamins for Olympians

Vitamins are essential for swimmers, especially when they perform on a professional level. It is not only about peaking at the moment of the 2020 Olympics, but also during high intensity trainings. Your body has to be in its most optimal form to perform on the right level. Almost all vitamins can be found in nutrition. However, for swimmers it is very important to take in a little extra. Which Vitamins for Olympians are most valuable for swimmers?

World AIDS Day Theme: Communities Make the Difference

World AIDS Day

The 2019 World AIDS Day theme “Communities make the difference” is an opportunity to appreciate the role of the community. The community has played and continues to play an important role in response to AIDS in the local, national and international levels. This has ensured the response has remained grounded and relevant. Communities have shown support by assisting in the delivery of education at a local level. Communities have also helped to deliver important services at a regional level and also helped raise awareness at an international level.

The best guide to fitness using supplements for Olympians

sport supplements

For some years now, the proven and most talented athletes from all continents have been training tirelessly for Olympics.  The preparation will ensure that the Olympians get an edge in Tokyo for the upcoming Olympics. As an Olympian, the first thing to consider during training is endurance. So, how long an athlete spends in training, and how much supplements for Olympians they consume will determine their fitness. It is factual that all athletes should get at least 8 hours of sleep everyday to get to their best performances.

Japan Prepares for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Supplements for Athletes

It has been 56 years since the Japan organized the Olympic Games. The 1964 games transformed the country positively and organizers expect the 2020 event to be the most original one yet. With this in mind, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will rest on three key values; to change the world: strive to attain your personal best, embrace unity in diversity and connecting to tomorrow.

The Best supplements for an Olympian

Tokyo 2020

As 2019 is coming to an end, it is time to dive in to 2020. About 10.500 athletes from 204 different countries are preparing themselves for that one life changing event. It is the Olympics of 2020. During the Olympics, it is all about peaking at the right time. These moments must be perfect, which means that athletes have to ensure the best sports performances on a professional level. This includes the right intensity of training, the right nutrition and the right care for the body. To reach optimal energy

Sports Nutrition and Supplements for Athletes

Supplements for Athletes

Competitive athletes turn to sports nutrition to assist them to achieve their goals. Some of these goals may include improving body composition, increasing lean muscle or even enhancing athletic performance. Supplements for athletes have become a part of the nutritional program to increase the benefits gained from sports nutrition.

World Aids Day – Let’s Stand Together

World Aids Day

Founded in 1988, World Aids Day was the first global health day. Now, it takes place every year on 1 December. The day offers people worldwide several opportunities to fight against HIV, and eventually in Reaching Zero HIV. The day is all about showing support to people that have to live with HIV. It also serves to honor the people who have died from any AIDS-related illness. This day deserves as much recognition as possible.

Supplements for football players: a guide for improvement

supplements for football players

Football involves a high work out rate which causes a high risk of muscle damage. This could be as a result of excess muscle contraction and constriction. For a whole 90 minutes or more, a footballer constantly stresses his muscle. After the end of the match, there is usually low concentration of vitamin supplements as it’s been used up. Therefore, for consistent conditions, footballers should take proper supplements for football players to achieve individual and collective success.

Advantage of using sport supplements for peak performance

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Sport supplements are dietary supplements which are taken to support the natural diets. People may lack some portions of micronutrients in their body system without knowing it. Micro nutrients from these supplements will play an important role in tissue and muscle development.  This means that the lack of important nutrients in your system will hinder you from achieving your goals as a sportsperson. Professionals in their respective field of sports are fully aware of how important supplements can be for their own performance. They rely on them to push themselves

Why Adding Fibre in Your Diet Is Important For Your Health


Fibre is a type of carbohydrate that is found naturally in plant-based foods. Such foods include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes and beans. Although it is not digestible in humans, fibre does some remarkable things that impact our health positively as it is moved down the digestive tract.