Body by nature supplement & vitamins support 2015 LGBT Pride

As Brighton is hosting a 10-day LGBT festival, we at Body By Nature want to help promote Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender rights and its events and festivals.

To reflect this major social transformation in society, we have a new range of Body By Nature supplements that help remind us of the historical day where society is advancing in its beliefs in Equality and the respect for other people's viewpoints.

We believe its important that businesses play a lead role in positive change both inside and outside the local communities. Businesses are in a strong position to influence people's ideas and behaviours based on the business practice. If one engages in poor practices, this will reflect on the community and its reputation and the same goes for good practices. This is why we are determined to continue this change and ensure it is not just a 2015 thing, this is something to be remembered for a very long time.

We look forward to introducing more ways to help promote the fight against inequality and ill-health. Our business nature is based on organic supplements ensuring that absolutely no man-made artificial chemicals get through our floodgates (warehouse doors). This is our fight against the poor practices happening today on our beautiful planet. We would like to believe that our supplements represent eco-friendly living and sustainability.

The LGBT movement is one of many fantastic examples of how the minority can overcome the majority with positive ideas and cultural advancements. We would like to believe that we are making a big change in the world despite being a small business among many businesses. However if we were dealing with organisations who rely on industrial farming methods and any other method that contributes to the destruction of our well-being then we would be one more company that is causing problems in the world.

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