The Best Vegan Supplements for Football Players

Vitamins for athletes

When it comes to performing sports on a professional level, the right nutrition is of high value to make sure that both the right energy level and the right muscle recovery are met. When it comes to the nutrition that is needed to do so, most people think of high carb food and animal products that are full of energy and protein. But if a football player of the Liverpool team decides to quit the consumption of animal products and thus decides to eat vegan, the consumption of products like beans, lentils, tofu and nuts will not meet the essentials. For sports like football, which means high intensity workouts, concerns are about the sufficiency of energy levels, building up muscles and to recover. Various vegan supplements for football players are chosen to meet the essential vitamins and minerals sufficiently, so that the effort during trainings or matches can continue in growing on to a higher level.

There are various types of vegan sports supplements.

  1. Glucosamine

Glucosamine improves the structure of the joints. It is essential to form protective tissues, which contributes to the protection of muscles, blood vessels and other organs. Because of the high pressure that is on joints like knees and ankles that football players face, Vegan Glucosamine HCL or Bone Support (Vegan) by Body by Nature as a vegan sports supplements guarantees better recovery and less joint complaints at older age.

  1. Creatine

Creatine is used widely by various sportsmen. It benefits in increasing performance and endurance. Some sportsmen may doubt its safety. It is however proven that this combination of characteristics benefits footballer’s sprint-qualities and that it contributes positively to muscle strength. Men’sHealth uk provides background information of creatine. These type of vegan supplements for football players can also be complemented with vegan adrenal support.

  1. Vegan Adrenal Support

The Adrenal Support (Vegan) 4-pack by Body by Nature contains Vitamin B, Chromium and Kelp. These type of vegan sports supplements is multi complex and highly energy supportive. The combination of minerals, herbs, plant extracts and vitamins help support healthy adrenal function especially during stressful periods. This is the support that will support the start of an important match.

  1. Vegan Multivitamin

A lot is asked of the human body when training or playing matches, which results in the fact that the body is in need for vitamins and minerals out of vegan sports supplements to keep up with the required level of sport. The Vegan Multi-Vitamin for Adults 4-pack by Body by Nature are key vegan supplements for football players. As mentioned, vegan nutritional intake does not provide enough of various essential vitamins and minerals.

  1. Protein powder

In between trainings or matches, it is of importance that the recovery of muscles is stimulated and fostered. A well-known vegan protein supplement comes back in the Body Support 4 pack by Body by Nature, which contains Acetyl L Carnitine that is key in energy metabolism. Besides glucosamine for the recovery of the joints, these additional vegan supplements for football players is needed to repair damaged muscles after the effort of a match, and prevent stiff muscles.