Vegan Diets and the Environment

Our environment is facing a lot of problems like deforestation and the worrying predictions about global warming. The destruction of animal and plant habitats will have future damaging effects. If you are trying to make some positive change there is a simple way to do it. By eating a plant-based diet you reduce your intake of animal products. This can help counter some of the environmental challenges. Below are some of the ways going on a vegan diet benefits the environment.

Clean Air

Changing from a meat-based diet can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is a major pollutant and harms the environment by causing global warming. The planet is warming up at an alarming rate and this is mostly caused by greenhouse gases.  These gases are burning holes in the ozone layer which traps heat in the atmosphere causing the planet to warm.

Converting to a plant-based diet can save up to 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide yearly. If you are not ready to cut all meat out of your diet, you can try eating fewer meat meals per week to help keep the air clean. Factory farms produce very large amounts of dust and other pollutants into the air.

Conserving Water

It takes about 2400 gallons of water while producing a pound of meat. You could save a lot of water by just cutting back. A lot of water is used to produce pork and milk which could have been used in areas that facing drought, to feed animals and water plants.

Every day, Factory farms produce billions of pounds of manure that finds its way in rivers and lakes. This may end up being consumed leading to some waterborne diseases.

Animal Cruelty

Factory farms not only pollute the environment but also they strive to produce more eggs, milk, and meat as cheaply and in the shortest time possible. This leads to very poor and abusive conditions for the animals. Cows, calves, turkeys, and rabbits are stuffed in small cages even being unable to move around. These animals are fed drugs that make them grow faster and fatten quickly to produce more milk, eggs, and flesh.


The Oceans

While many people only see the negative effects that happen on animals like chickens, pigs, and cows but there is also fish to think about. The world’s fisheries are being overexploited because people are overfishing. Many of the fishing companies don’t follow the sustainable practices and they are removing a large number of aquatic life from the ocean daily.

Going on a vegan diet shows that you’re compassionate to the inhabitants of the earth like the animals. A small step like this will not only be good for your health but also for the environment and the animals living in it. You can help the environment simply by going on a vegan diet. Whether you care more about water conservation, greenhouse gases, deforestation or our oceans, going on a plant-based diet benefits all of them.


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