The Power of Vitamin D3 Supplements for Athletic Performance

Striving to understand how vitamins work and which are important is crucial for an athlete, as it can make or break their season. How do I know I’m getting enough vitamins for high performance? This might be the most-asked question by athletes to sports dietitians. Athletes are often confused about the importance and purpose of minerals and vitamins including vitamin D3 supplements.

Vitamins and minerals are crucial in the process of turning food into energy. Vitamins such as vitamin D also aid in the maintenance of bone health and maintaining a functioning immune system. Since athletes have high metabolisms they require their bodies to perform at extreme levels. This tends to require more vitamins and minerals, thus the need for supplements. Body by Nature provides quality vitamin D3 supplements in a food state. Uniquely providing nutrients in the same form as natural foods.

Vitamin D3 Supplements for Proper Sports Nutrition

Vitamin D3 supplementsplay an important role in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood. These are key to maintaining healthy bones. For athletes to reach peak performance they need to make a plan including vegetables and fruits daily. This is because vegetables and fruits provide the necessary nutrients for training and recovery.

Vitamin D is also involved in maintaining all the body’s organs especially the immune system. Vitamin D3 supplements are particularly combined in a base of friendly pro-biotic species. Vitamin D3 which is also known as the sunshine vitamin plays a major role in healthy cell development. This keeps the immune system strong.

Vitamins and minerals are utilized after exercise stresses which increase the athlete’s body micronutrient requirements. To speed up the turnover and loss of minerals and vitamins, athletes are advised to maintain routine exercise. Sports dietitians feel it is important for athletes to set a base performance meal plan then fill the gaps with dietary supplements. This is a great strategy for success and meeting all your nutritional needs.

To make gains in performance and strength goals, hormonal balance, immune system functioning and overall energy levels satisfying caloric needs are important. A great way to consume vitamins and minerals is by eating nutrient-dense foods with lots of colour, fruits and vegetables.  Nuts, seeds, and whole grains are lean protein sources which work well with athletes.

A Balanced Diet is Important

An athlete’s focus should be on acquiring the correct balance of carbohydrates, fat, and proteins from each of the food groups. Having a wide variety of foods the more likely an athlete will satisfy their nutritional needs.

Food quality is also important to an athlete’s performance. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain the most nutrition. Athletes should also avoid overcooked vegetables as this causes the micronutrients to diminish. Instead, grill, steam, microwave or roast vegetables. This ensures the vegetables retain their nutrition.

Vitamin D3 supplements help fill the nutritional gap left after hours indoors training. Vitamin D3 plays an important role in reducing inflammation which in turn decreases recovery time.  Shopping for a proper multivitamin supplementcan pose some challenges due to limited regulation. However, Body by Nature promises to sell all their supplements in either a food state or whole food. This is easier for the body to recognise and every nutrient will nourish and maintain i