Sports Nutrition and Supplements for Athletes

Supplements for Athletes

Competitive athletes turn to sports nutrition to assist them to achieve their goals. Some of these goals may include improving body composition, increasing lean muscle or even enhancing athletic performance. Supplements for athletes have become a part of the nutritional program to increase the benefits gained from sports nutrition.

Sports nutrition is considered the foundation of athletic success. A well-designed nutritional plan supplies all the required food types, nutrients fluids and energy keeping the body at peak performance. The sports nutrition diet plan may differ from day to day depending on the day’s activities and energy demands.

Sports Nutrition Basics

Carbohydrates are the most important energy source for the body. These include naturally occurring sugars like in fruits, vegetables and milk. The digestive system digests the carbohydrates breaking them into glucose which provides energy to the body’s tissues, cells and organs.

Proteins are essential to the body b=playing a crucial role in muscle recovery and growth which is important for an athlete. Animal sources of protein are fish, meat, poultry and milk.

Fats play an important role in helping with body development, protecting the body’s organs and maintaining cell membranes. Healthy fats come from plant sources such as olive oil and nuts.

Supplements for Athletes

Supplements for athletes are unregulated products marketed to enhance athletic performance and their use is considered a personal choice although it remains a great controversy. However, a general guide has been provided to rank sports foods and supplements. Sports foods include sports bars, gels and drinks, protein supplements, electrolyte supplements and liquid meal supplements.

Medical supplements which have been allowed include iron, vitamin D, calcium, multi-vitamin/ mineral and omega-3 fatty acids. Performance supplements such as caffeine, creatine, sodium bicarbonate and nitrate have also been allowed.

Supplements can be considered as complements to an already healthy diet. They help improve nutrient deficiencies, meet nutritional needs and help the achievement of personal fitness goals. Athletes are advised to work together with a sports dietitian or specialist as they can be a valuable asset in supplement interpretation.

Vitamins for Exercise Performance

Vitamins are essential in regulating metabolic processes and energy production. These organic compounds are also crucial in the neurological functioning of the body cells and are responsible for their protection.

Multi-Vitamin for Adults are great organic vegan supplements for athletes and is rich in minerals and vitamins including vitamin D and some antioxidants. It is an all-round supportive formulation suitable for adults and children. The minerals have been hydroponically-grown meaning they contain no chemicals or animal products.

Supplements for athletes paired with a balanced sports nutrition plan guarantees enhanced athletic performance. This is especially important for vegan or vegetarian athletes whose diet consists of plant protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains. It is nutritionally adequate but in the long-term, it may be insufficient for consistent athletic performance.

Sports nutrition and supplements play an important role in the success of any athlete or active adult exercising for health improvement. It will help improve exercise recovery, enhance athletic performance and make reaching goals possible.