Japan Prepares for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Supplements for Athletes

It has been 56 years since the Japan organized the Olympic Games. The 1964 games transformed the country positively and organizers expect the 2020 event to be the most original one yet. With this in mind, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will rest on three key values; to change the world: strive to attain your personal best, embrace unity in diversity and connecting to tomorrow.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will use many of the existing competition venues built for the 1964 games. These will include the Baji Koen Park, the gorgeous, Nippon Budokkan and the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. The Tokyo National Stadium is expected to be renovated into an entirely new arena.It will host the opening and closing ceremonies, and athletic competitions. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be the fourth that the country has hosted including the 1972 and 1998 winter games in Sapporo and Nagano respectively.

Vegan-Friendly Tokyo Restaurant Menus

Some people choose a vegan lifestyle for the health benefits, some for ethical reasons, and some for religious reasons. Despite Tokyo being a common tourist destination, it has for some time been a difficult place for vegans. However, over the years Tokyo has experienced developments and has seen a good number of restaurants serving vegan and vegetarian foods.

Japanese lawmakers have begun discussing the suggestions on the guidelines for vegan and vegetarian food served in restaurants during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This is in an aim to meet the increased demand for vegan food across the world. The food guidelines will help restaurants and hotels improve and increase their existing menus with vegan foods and drinks.

The process will include studying certification marks to identify which food items are vegan and vegetarian. The guidelines are expected to be applied before the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics when the country is expecting a huge arrival of international visitors. The Japanese government looks to cater to the expected rise in tourists with the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics with an all-inclusive menu in its restaurants.

Tourists are expected from Europe and the United States where vegan products have grown in popularity. One Japanese restaurant that has already taken the first step is the Ginza Kuki which is located in Tokyo’s Ginza district. The restaurant offers a main dish containing spring cabbage stuffed with tofu, yam, lily bulb and steam-roasted cloud ear mushrooms.

The Ginza Kuki is one among several other Japanese restaurants increasing their efforts to respond to the needs of their vegan customers. However much a vegan diet can be beneficial, it may not provide some essential nutrients like vitamin B12 which is crucial in maintaining healthy blood. This will call for supplementation to evade deficiencies while training and travelling. Body by Nature’s vegan multivitamin for adults is one of the best supplements for Olympians and those who will be travelling to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics while on a vegan diet.