World AIDS Day Theme: Communities Make the Difference

World AIDS Day

The 2019 World AIDS Day theme “Communities make the difference” is an opportunity to appreciate the role of the community. The community has played and continues to play an important role in response to AIDS in the local, national and international levels. This has ensured the response has remained grounded and relevant. Communities have shown support by assisting in the delivery of education at a local level. Communities have also helped to deliver important services at a regional level and also helped raise awareness at an international level.

Peer Mentoring and Outreach

In many regions, the lack of resources and education has been linked to increased rates of unprotected sex and transactional sex. These factors have contributed to increased HIV transmission and impact. The community has been used to target gender inequality to improve health. Peers have unique access to groups where there is a stigma within the community. Peer mentors in the community have been able to facilitate young people to open up about their status.

Online Communities

Virtual communities have been used in marketing campaigns targeting men and LGBT people. Ads have been posted on apps such as Grindr and Facebook. Lowering HIV transmission can be managed within the community but will involve a wider social, cultural and structural change. The 2019 World AIDS Day provides a platform where everyone can contribute by creating an environment where there is no longer the inequality that leads to ill health.

Defining Moment in History

In 1991, Magic Johnson was the first sportsman and celebrity to disclose his HIV status. During that time there were even more misconceptions about HIV/AIDS. His transparency was seen as courageous and he has since dedicated time and effort to educate people on HIV/AIDS. Magic Johnson’s revelation helped to reduce the stigma around HIV/AIDS greatly.

The late Nelson Mandela was also very clear on his stand when it comes to HIV/AIDS stigmatization. He set out to end the discrimination and stigmatization of those living with HIV/AIDS particularly children. This has driven many in the community to start accepting those who may be living with HIV/AIDS.

Multivitamins to Use on HIV Treatment

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World AIDS Day may occur once a year but the support continues year-round. Funds continue to be raised for the NAT to help champion the rights of those living with HIV in the UK. Creating a welcoming environment ensures that those living with HIV lead healthy lives with access to treatment and proper education.