Don’t just wear green, live green with these recipes enriched with vitamins for Paddy’s day

St. Patrick’s Day is held every year on March 17. Although it is the feast of the Irish, it is celebrated a lot in Quebec since many Quebecers are of Irish descent. Between stew, potatoes, Guiness and Bailey’s, we sometimes lack a little greenery… Since green is associated with St. Patrick’s Day, as a tribute to spring and Irish clover, why not incorporate it into our plate? From soup to dessert, here are some recipes filled with vitamins for St. Patrick’s Day all in green!

St. Patrick’s Day Beer

why Guinness?

Throughout the day and around the world, 150 pints of Guinness went down every second on St Patrick’s Day.

The fact that Guinness is the beer chosen makes relative sense. Guinness is originally from Dublin. The historic factory is even the first tourist attraction. When you walk along the banks of the Liffey and the wind blows in the right direction, it is not uncommon to smell the boiling hops. In addition, the brand, which is owned by the giant Diageo (Smirnoff, Bailey’s, Johnnie Walker…) is exported all over the world and easily found in most bars and supermarkets.

The importance of Vitamins for St. Patrick’s Day

Vitamins play a key role in the body. They are involved in many biochemical and biological reactions, help fight infections by strengthening the body and intervene in the maturation of certain cells and tissues.

We have compiled a list of some of the recipes and dishes which contain a high amount of vitamins. Of course it’s a party and a time to be merry but we should also aim at getting some of these vitamins for Paddy’s day for the sake of our health.

Green juice

Another of the great benefits of green juices is chlorophyll, which oxygenates the blood (because its molecular formula is very close to hemoglobin). But that’s not all, it promotes detoxification and it cleans up the digestive system, fights bloating and bad breath. In addition, chlorophyll helps with cell regeneration and activates healing. When you regularly consume green juice you regain energy thanks to better oxygenation of your body and your cells, because you have to see oxygen as the main food of our cells. Notice to smokers whose organs oxygenation is very limited by cigarette smoke and tar to make consumption green juice an everyday routine.

Learn how to make green juice with this detailed video

Pea broccoli soup and its health benefits

Broccoli contains a lot of vitamins for Paddy’s day that are great for your health! This green vegetable includes vitamins C, K, E and B9, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Vitamin C helps to fight infections. Broccoli is very easy to cook. When steamed, the vitamins it contains are better preserved than when cooked in water. It only takes 5 minutes to steam this vegetable, and 7 to 10 minutes to cook it in boiling water.

This green vegetable is best when it is slightly crunchy. It can be prepared in mashed potatoes, soups or pan-fried.

Get the full detailed recipe video here


This is one natural and green food that is responsible for the preserving eye health. It is highly rich in natural and healthy plant fats as well as vitamin E. Avocado can be eaten in scrambled eggs, salads and soups.

Green is a color but the green in the Irish flag also denotes good or healthy living and it is very important to take your heath into consideration with the few green dishes listed above. Pay attention to the full details of this article and ensure to get all vitamins for St. Patrick’s Day. You can still get dietary supplements like Iron and vitamin D3 supplements if you don’t have the time for making dishes.