Break Your Childrens Bad Eating Habits

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Children’s habits may drive you nuts but most of the common ones tend to disappear with time. However, when it comes to eating routines, parents should not assume they will drop them on their own. A child’s eating habits are usually carried over into their adult life, this is why parents should strive to deal with them early.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common eating habits kids have, why they are bad and how to break them.

Rejecting Vegetables and Fruits

Veggies are rich in vitamin A and C which can also be found in fruits. Eating fruits and vegetables should be a part of every growing child’s diet. Fruits and vegetables are linked to a better diet, a healthier body and a stronger immune system.

Breaking the Habit

Small amounts of healthy fat make veggies taste better and help the body absorb vitamins more easily. Another way of making your child eat their veggies is by inviting them to help you prepare an appetizer tray of vegetables as you fix dinner. It might mean a bit of extra work but in the long run, it will make a difference.

As a parent, you should never punish your kids over not eating their vegetables. Rather, you should have vegetables on the table and help yourself to some too. Casually mentioning how fresh and delicious they are will make kids curious and they may try some willingly. Adding their favourite dip into the mix will also work in your favour.

 Eating too much Sugar

Children are born with a preference for sweet things. However, added sugar found in sweet snacks and desserts provides extra calories with no nutritional value.

Breaking the Habit

Introducing limits establishes some basic and fair rules rather than completely getting rid of desserts from their diet. Always keep an eye at the sugar content of the foods and snacks your child is eating ensuring the amounts are minimal. Parents can switch to low-sugar versions of favourites like cereal and yoghurt.

Eating Too Many Carbs

Protein-rich foods like poultry and meat provide valuable nutrients such as zinc to children. Children who refuse protein-rich foods and opt for carbohydrates end up feeling hungry soon after meals. This is because the body digests carbohydrates faster.

Breaking the Habit

Adding foods rich in protein such as eggs, beans and low-fat dairy products to your child’s diet will prove beneficial especially if they do not like meat. Switch up the carbs to whole grain which is packed with fibre and key nutrients like magnesium and vitamin E.

Nonstop Nibbling

If your child is always snacking they will be already full before mealtime. This might seem like a not so serious habit but a child’s understanding of hunger and fullness is an important skill to acquire and they will use it throughout their life.

Breaking the Habit

Prepare a schedule for your child and serve two or three snacks. If they ask for a snack especially after eating and they might not be really hungry it is important to remind them of the schedule.

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