6 Essential Minerals and Nutrients that your body needs

Low Bone Density

Mineral and nutrients help to keep your body healthy and nourished. They are found in food are e essential for good health, disease prevention, bone formation, and growth. Choosing food that is rich in minerals and nutrients every day is a great way to stay healthy. There are a variety of mineral and nutrients, but below are the six most essential. Here are the different kinds of minerals and nutrients and the type of food you can obtain.


Calcium is found in foods like hard cheese, kale, cereals, soy milk, yogurt, milk. The mineral is needed for blood clotting, contraction, the formation of healthy teeth and borne and more. It plays a vital role in maintaining bone density and also to prevent osteoporosis. During childhood and in adolescence, calcium is needed to build strong bones and teeth.


Obtained from peanuts, eggs, liver, soy source, Table salt, milk, and vegetables. Chloride is needed in the body for stomach acid and proper fluid balance. Chloride combines with sodium and potassium to form hydrochloric acid, which helps in the digestion of food. Deficiency in chloride leads to reduced appetite, muscle cramps, and mental apathy.

Vitamin C

Obtained from foods like broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, kiwis, green and red peppers and many more. Vitamin c is needed for repair and growth of tissues in the body. Help in the formation of collagen in the body. It also offers support to the immune system and also protecting the cells against damage. Vitamin c I said to prevent cancer, through blocking of the damage caused by free radicals.


Magnesium is obtained from foods, such as nuts, soybeans, dairy, potatoes, Leafy vegetables, whole wheat and many more. The nutrient helps in bone strength, heart rhythm, and nerve and muscle function. The mineral helps your arteries, muscles, and heart to work properly. Also, the nutrient provides sufficient energy for your body.


Obtained from food such as meat, milk eggs, peas, cereals, slices of bread and more. Help is the cells in the body to work typically, also required for born growth and making energy. All the cells in the body contain phosphorus, with over 80 percent found in the teeth and bones. Phosphorus helps in the formation of teeth and bones. Also, play a role in making protein for the repair of tissues and cells.


Potassium is obtained from soybeans, yogurt, some fruits and vegetables, bananas, potatoes, milk and more. Helps in reducing the occurrence of kidney stones. Also helps in maintaining a healthy blood pleasure. Potassium needed for the nerve function, body water, and acid-base balance. Deficiency in potassium can cause paralysis or weak muscles.

All the above minerals and nutrients are vital in the body. Deficiency of some of the nutrients and minerals may lead to weak borne and many more. It is therefore essential to include an adequate amount of the nutrients and minerals in the body.

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