Recycling and Packaging

Body by nature supplements is making many advances in the way we send our high-quality supplements and vitamins to our customers. From the beginning of our launch in 2011, we only sold our supplements in a plastic bottle. In 2016 we launched our "Eco pip packs". These packs can be bought in sizes of 30, 50, and 100. These may be increased in the future to larger sizes.

We trailed sending out our packages without the plastic bag which goes over the box to protect it, but we found many of our customers emails us to say the item had not arrived. We wondered if the box looked more like a DVD could be inside. We then decided to go back to the grey plastic bag but managed to source a recyclable bag that has already been recycled and now can once again be recycled.

The cardboard box is made from recycled cardboard so again is sustainable. We pay more money for our grey plastic bags because they have been recycled but we feel the extra cost out ways the effect on the planet.

Our inhouse team has cut down a massive amount of waste bu using paper, board, and other containers. We also have contacted all our suppliers who we do business with and have asked them to please either use recycled plastics if they must use plastic or sustainable cardboard. We are looking at our waste and use of plastics on a monthly basis and always looking to make improvements where necessary.

Just some of the ways we as a company are making a small difference in the world.

Some of the ways you can find us on Google and how we are having a positive impact on the environment.

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