About Us

Why we are so different to other supplement companies

Here at Body by nature, we are proud to present you with a full range of essential whole food & food state supplements. Our whole food supplements come from whole foods. It is these whole foods that contain a comprehensive array of nutrients that will deliver maximum nutrition to the body.

These specially formulated products are a world away from a majority of the supplements that are available today which use isolated nutrients - something that the body cannot use or accept. Even if isolated-substance supplements are made from natural ingredients, they simply cannot rival that of supplements made from whole foods.

One example of why whole food supplements are far superior is synergy. The substances in whole foods work extremely well together to boost each others absorption and effectiveness.

Vitamins and minerals in a whole food supplement such as ours work synergistically together in a well balanced manner, according to natures plan for whole foods. Our range is complete with the inclusion of food state supplements which present vitamins and minerals in a structure as close as possible to the foods where those micro nutrients naturally transpire.

This process means the food state nutrients have a much higher bio-availability so the body requires lower doses for beneficial effects. Ultimately there is less wastage of nutrients and considerably less chance of fat-soluble nutrient build up.

We feel it is our duty to supply our customers with a product that meets the highest levels of quality control and we understand the importance of using strict guidelines when manufacturing our premium range of supplements. Body By Nature raises the bar among elite providers of whole food and food state supplements by ensuring all manufacturers associated with us are GMP registered and most have Organic certification. Hydroponically-grown supplements from Body By Nature are supplied to those who have a distinct focus on their nutrition and well-being.

Our vision is simple, we aim to rejuvenate the dwindling mineral content of the average diet which is made poor from intensive farming, by supplying nutrients to the body in the same form as those in food i.e. in a food state or food complex which was once described as "the best kept secret in the health food industry". Through using breakthrough technology and superior modern day science, we have created a product that can deliver essential nutrients in a complete food complex which is naturally recognised as food and effectively absorbed by the body.

We are a market leading company providing the finest quality Bio-effective and natural food based supplementation and you can rest assured that our products only contain what is listed on our labels.We feel this makes your choice of supplements even easier and will provide your body with maximum health benefits.