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The companies listed below have all been used by a member of our own team, and we would recommend anyone of these people or companies as they offer a quality service.


I am a fitness nut with the nickname "Duracell bunny" because of my contagious energy and passion for my job and lifestyle. I am a personal trainer, bodybuilder and group exercise instructor. I teach les mills, spin, conditioning, MMA fitness etc. Its a tough job and its also a tough life and sometimes as a warrior in the battle of life you just need a little extra backup in your arsenal to keep going and keep fighting. Your body is your machine so whatever you put in has a direct affect on how it runs; therefore the less chemicals the better. I like to use body by nature Zinc and Magnesium, antioxidant and multivitamin.

Gareth Davies

My name is Gareth Davies, I am a personal trainer with a passion for helping people improve their lifestyle, improve their fitness levels and get the fat loss results they want through correct nutritional responsibility and exercise. I believe that fitness training shouldn't be seen as mundane and another daily chore, but should be fun and as enjoyable as possible.

I live in Ruthin; I have done all my life. I am engaged and due to be married in 2014. I decided 5 years ago that I wanted to re-train in an area I was more passionate about which was health and fitness. I was training more and concentrating on my own health so thought, why can't I do that for other people too. I have had a tremendous amount of support from my fiance, family and friends. I have since completed 2 college courses and several other qualifications, work experience placements and internships.

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Gareth has studied martial arts for over 5 years and has also had the opportunity to train and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. While I was staying in Brazil it gave me time to decide what I wanted to do with this new career and gave me a chance to map out how I was going to help as many people as possible. Gareth has also had experience in training and taking part in Half Marathons.

As a personal trainer Gareth offers a wide variety of training methods depending on the client's personal goals, time scale and preference of training methods. Gareth is also a qualified Olympic Weight Lifting instructor and a Kettlebell instructor.

Although I have only been a PT for a short period of time I have already seen some amazing results with my clients. I love this job, I get to meet and work with some great people and helping people get the results they want gives me a great sense of achievement. I look forward to many more years as a PT, helping people get what they want from life! So far I have started a new style Fat loss challenge in the area, an online fat loss programme and a new personal training service. Some results I have seen so far include amazing fat/weight loss and some impressive body transformations.

Chris Wade

A natural gift in the art of performance best describes Chris Wade. Born in 1979 in the east end of London, coming from a mixed Mediterranean and English background. Finishing high school at the age of 16 Chris then went on to set up a business with his father in his local town. It wasn't until a chance encounter with the co-producer of the hit movie "RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER" where Chris realised his love and potential for acting.

In 2006 Chris was cast as a small featured character appearing in Julien Gilbey's 2007 "RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER" which went on to being a huge success in the UK and worldwide. Despite three featured roles this year, and not one to rest Wade has already begun to prepare for his new role in Paul Knights "CANDY TREATS".

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Another feature film role in which Chris plays an ex popstar casanova turned pop idol judge. Sicklemedia Plus have recently appointed Chris as the lead host for The Sicklecell Awareness Campaign, a blood disorder which can affect many ethnic communities. Chris is passionate about promoting the awareness as especially coming from a mixed background and is working alongside contributors such as Alisha Keyes, Alexander O Neil, Aswad, Stevie Wonder and many other celebrities and figureheads. In addition to his acting career, Chris is also an up and coming model working in the fashion, commercial and fitness area. Chris has modelled various designers clothing including Ed Hardy, Rocawear, Ringspun and Two Angle and has appeared in an editorial shoot for Asiana Magazine and commercial catalogues such as Asos and Freemans. Maintaining a strict training and diet regime to upkeep his physical condition Chris is also now undertaking further training after being signed to W Athletics, one of the worlds leading fitness modelling agents. I train and eat well. Supplements are a big part of my food preparation. I use Body by nature for my supply as this company does not include any chemicals in it's design. Wholefood is the way for me. Great service all the time.

Pieter Vodden

Pieter Vodden (of Vodden UNLTD) is the first and only Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor outs side of the USA. He is also the Personal Training Manager for Gymbox Covent Garden. And is amongst the best trainers in London today. He has a history of competitive sport and continues to guide a wide range of clients including athletes, actors and committed clients through tough, thorough and carefully programmed fitness regimes. He has created and continues to grow a community of like-minded, hard working fitness enthusiasts. Through both individual and group work they form what has become The UNLTD Community. A use a number of different supplements and find Body by nature supplements to be the best that I can find to date. Depends on the back ground of the person who I am training, I tend to use Fish oil, Zinc, Magnesium as a starting point. The community seek improvement through helping each other, inspiring each other and competing with each other. You can reach him at vodilated@hotmail.com or on 07736777976.

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Qualifications Include:

  • Full Diploma in Personal Training with Sports Massage from Premier Global
  • Gym Jones Level 1
  • Gym Jones Level 2
  • Gym Jones Level 3
  • Gym Jones Level 4 ( Full Certification)
  • PICP Coach (Poliquin)
  • Biosignature Practitioner

Patrick Owen

My name is Patrick Owen. I am 19 years old and a natural bodybuilder. I have been training for about 4 years. I was inspired to get into shape to become healthy and look good and had no intention of competing. I had great admiration for physiques within the "old school" era with the beautiful symmetry and aesthetics. My training is constantly tough, whether it is doing long distance cycling, weights or bodyweight training. I like to get between 4 to 5 days of training a week where I focus on form and contraction rather than lifting with an ego (like many). I had started training back in school and throughout college where I prepared for the BNBF Central Championships Teenage category and had won.

Nutrition is a big role in the sport of Bodybuilding so consuming a balanced diet with all my macronutrients is a key role to overall performance. Also supplement with the right products along with ingredients. I used a number of BODYBYNATURE products after winning the BNBF Centrals Championships under 20's teenager category. I had been sent a trial pack was impressed with the ethos of the company and its high grade ingredients. I used Pure Fish Oil, Zinc, Vitamin D3 and a multivitamin supplement. These had been helpful for me to gain extra help in performance, recovery and overall well-being especially in a dieting phase.