Vegan Lifestyle - What are the main reasons people go vegan?

There are many reasons why people may opt to adopt the vegan lifestyle. It may be due to their interests, life experiences or curiosity. One common factor all these vegans will tell you is that it was a very personal decision. No one can force you to turn into a vegan which means all generalizations regarding vegans will never answer the question why. People will always assume that they can place a finger on exactly what turned you into a vegan and how exactly you are supposed to behave as a vegan. Also, you won't miss all the stereotypes about vegans but ultimately it's down to whatever personal reason one chose to adopt this lifestyle no matter how challenging it may have seemed at the time.  All in all, there are numerous reasons why people decide to adopt the vegan lifestyle. The common ones include:

Animal Cruelty
Millennials are well informed and they love animals. Access to information has opened their eyes to the various animal endangering practices we put animals through in order to get food or certain products. They think these practices are cruel and should be stopped. Adopting the vegan lifestyle is a form of protest against such practices. This is why it isn’t a stretch for opposers of the vegan lifestyle to argue that veganism is a way to mask animal rights movements. This couldn’t be further from the truth as vegans are just concerned about animals and are looking for avenues that will allow us to co-exist without harming or killing these animals.

The Environment
According to the UN, farmers who have livestock account for about fifteen per cent of greenhouse gas emissions. This translates to roughly the same amount of emissions from the different modes of transport. Simply put, farming animals may be a source of food for the farmers but it destroying the environment for the rest of us.

A majority of vegan converts believe that they are healthier after dropping animal products. While science is yet to prove this, it is notable that vegans do suffer from lack of a few vital vitamins and minerals that are got from animal food and products. This is however rectifiable as there are vegan supplements that offer these vitamins and minerals.

Healthy tips that will make it easy to adopt a vegan diet
Any doctor on the planet will tell you that eating less meat and reinforcing the vegetable portion of your plat is healthy. This is what prompts most people to adopt the vegan lifestyle to try and improve their health and maybe lose a few extra pounds. Eating a vegan diet can be a healthy way to eat when your meals are full of vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains. You need a well-planned vegan diet to make sure you don’t miss out on essential nutrients or end up eating only processed vegan foods. Be sure to also add vegan supplements by Body by Nature to this wholesome diet. They will nourish your body with minerals and vitamins that can only be found in animal foods and products. The following tips will make adopting a vegan diet to be easy and healthy.

Focus your diet on vegetables
When people turn vegan, they tend to focus on what they can't eat rather than what they can. Forget the meats and make veggies the stars of your meal. These plant-based foods will nourish your body with vitamins such as A and K and minerals such as iron and potassium. Vegetables also make it easier to keep our calories intake in check as they are rich in fibre which makes us feel full.

Eat a wide range of foods
As discussed above, a vegan diet falls short on some vitamins and nutrients. Ensure that you eat a balanced diet to compensate on what you are missing. Different foods have different nutritional content so don't limit your vegetable intake to salads only. Also, make sure that you include fruits to your diet.

Use dietary supplements
Adopting a vegan diet can be lethargic and some vegans will have difficulties eating enough foods to meet their daily vitamin and mineral requirements. All this can be rectified by using vegan dietary supplements offered by Body by nature. They will help nourish your body with:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron and iodine
  • Calcium and zinc.

Supplements rich in iron should only be taken when there is a deficiency of the mineral. Ingesting too much iron from supplements can lead to health problems such as heart failure.