A proven formula

1) Why should I Choose Nutrients in a Food Form?

The bio-efficacy of orally administered vitamins, minerals and trace elements is subject to a complex set of influences.

  • There are multiple mechanisms that influence the absorption and utilisation of most nutrients
  • Food factors are responsible for the correct absorption and utilisation of nutrients in the body. There are no food factors in chemical formulations.
  • Emerging evidence shows that food nutrients use different metabolic pathways in the body from laboratory-produced equivalents.
  • The physiochemical form of a nutrient is a major factor in bio-efficacy. Food form nutrients and chemical nutrients have different physiochemical forms and are likely to use different metabolic pathways.

Natural food complex vitamins and minerals are in the physiochemical form that the body recognises. They contain many food factors which are intrinsically related to the metabolic pathways of the nutrient within the body.

Chemical isolate nutrients can have value, BUT studies have shown that vitamins in natural food complexes are significantly better absorbed, retained and utilised. The nutrients in our products are presented to the body in the same form as the nutrients in whole food. They are highly bioavailable in small amounts, gentle and effective, even for those who are ill. This is the main feature that sets our products apart from other products on the market.