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The companies listed below have all been used by a member of our own team, and we would recommend anyone of these people or companies as they offer a quality service.

Karen Boxall

Karen is a Hypnotherapist, Counsellor & Mentor

Lose weight, stop smoking, overcome anxiety or fear of flying, help increase confidence and self-esteem; in fact anything the mind has influence over.

Karen has a successful weight loss programme that gets your mind in the right place to help you achieve your goal and maintain it. In fact, she has lost over 5 stones using the programme herself!

Karen is also a specialist in helping young adults....so if your son or daughter gets anxious about school work, nervous ahead of exams, interviews or auditions don’t let it spoil their chances; Karen can help them bring calm and rational focus into their life. Karen has been DBS checked for her role as a Child-line counselor and as a school Governor.

FREE 'PHONE CONSULTATION, with no obligation so you can be sure you are comfortable with Karen and she'll know that she can help you achieve your goals. Appointments are available on week days, evenings or weekends to suit you.

Contact Karen for further details on 07825 237 933.

Nico Tailored Therapies

Massage Therapy & Reflexology for Health, Stress Relief and Rehabilitation

Our practices are used to improve general health, treat and prevent sports injuries, back, neck and shoulder pain, relieve stress and offer palliative care to a range of ailments from eczema and diabetes to migraines and fatigue. We employ innovative and tailored techniques and treatments including Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Sports Massage and Aromatherapy. Nico Tailored Therapies is devoted to customer-centric service offering clients the help that they need when it seems no one else can.


The online review website for all the family. Something for everyone.

Shellie is a mother of 4 and with a young growing family sometimes just needed information at her fingertips to see latest products available, where to get them and if they would be suitable for her growing family. Yes all us mums love our coffee mornings and apart from talking about our children what else do we discuss Products we have purchased and are using and we all go into great details about their benefits and where to get them. So you can see how Bizziebaby was established. As normal chatting and talking about things at our coffee mornings and we all agreed it would be great if we could have this sort of information available online, which at a glance we could see the products, read an independent review and also have all the contact and website details for the company at our fingertips.

Well now this busy mum is proud to say Bizziebaby.co.uk will deliver all of this and so much more. Joining Shellie is Becky who has spent her life in retail so great at sourcing new products for us to review and finding out new companies launching innovative products. We also have Robert our young (well young to us) advertising manager. So now we are a team and we all look forward to hearing from all our members throughout the year.

Helena Philippou

Diet and Fitness Expert

I have been involved in the fitness industry for 20 years, continuously updating with additional knowledge placing myself on top of the game.

I have had a love for sports from a young age, having committed to years in the art of Kyshindo (martial arts), later going onto the art of Muay Thai (Kick-Boxing) for six years. With a lingering background of over fifteen years Boxing still to this date.

The Harmony Pain Relief and Injury Clinic

Specialists in non surgical pain and injury relief

Osteopathy in London, close to London Bridge, Waterloo and Southwark. Osteopaths are dedicated to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. We promote health!

Appointments at our London Bridge practice will provide you with the rules and tools, to experience vibrant health and wellness, actively working towards a healthier lifestyle.

Cardiologist Dr David Dighton

Preventing heart attacks and strokes since 1973

Qualified at the London Hospital Medical School in 1966, Dr Dighton Is the author of two books on heart disease prevention for the general public.

In 2001 Dr Dighton established the Cardiac Centre in Loughton. Dr Dighton is a renowned cardiac specialist who specializes in a range of treatments for cardiovascular health.

This is of course a very small portion of the range of heart related treatments that Dr Dighton offers. You will struggle to find a more experienced cardiologist than Dr Dighton.

Gielly Green - London's premier Hair & Beauty Salon

A luxury boutique hair and beauty salon in Marylebone

Fred Gielly and Shai Greenberg have developed a unique salon philosophy which they practice at their first joint venture Gielly Green, in London’s Marylebone. Gielly Green is a haven of indulgent satisfaction; a place to gratify the soul.

“Our vision was of a boutique salon offering the ultimate in customer care, reverting back to an uncompromising old-school style of service. At Gielly Green we have achieved this. The client is always in the forefront of our mind, from our bespoke treatments to the design of the salon. There is no length to which we will not stretch to ensure that they leave happy.

Our team has been handpicked because they are each working at the top of their field, individually talented and with many years of salon experience to their name. We acknowledge that one way does not suit all; each person is different and requires a unique approach to suit their hair, skin, and lifestyle.

At Gielly Green we hope to empower our clients with the confidence and beauty they deserve, liberating the body and mind, leaving them free to enjoy life.”

Boxing Elite London

Are You Ready To Get In The Best Shape of Your Life?

We firmly believe that boxing is suitable for people of all ages, sizes and levels of experience and as such we have enlisted the services of world class coaches who have the knowledge to benefit anyone, regardless of their boxing skill set. Just tell us what you want to achieve and we will assist you in making it happen!

Chris Woodman Photography

Essex Storybook Wedding Photographer

Chris Woodman: "I'm an awesome listener, creative artist & professional story teller to all that hire my services. I'm told i'm considerate & fun to be around - just as well really because i'm definitely what you'd call a people person & love meeting all walks of life. I'm a positive thinker too - someone who can see a light at the end of a tunnel no matter what the case maybe."