Body By Nature Supports the Paralympics in Rio 2016

Body By Nature Supplements will be donating their entire profits made from sales during the whole Paralympics and the Olympics

This will be a combined total of 27 enthralling days. So while we support our own national team, Body by Nature Supplements are showing support to all the world wide teams both men & women who make this sport what it is today.

A level playing field for both able bodied and the disabled sports person. 2012 was the dawn of the disabled sports person and who ever saw this happening, not the BBC as Channel 4 bought the TV rights and found the gamble paid off big time.

Not only did most of the UK public want to visit the ground of the 2012 Olympics but to watch, cheer and cry with every one who entered. I remember watching and feeling proud not only to be British, but proud to be able to watch so many sports men & women do something I could only dream of.

That's why the CEO of Body By Nature Supplements , have thrown their resources behind supporting their great courage and look forward to them achieving as much silverware as possible. Roll on 2016 and Rio.

What was achieved in London was nothing short of phenomenal; packed stadia, the nation glued to their TV sets, and British Paralympians on the front pages of the national press every day. That's without mentioning the 120 medals that ParalympicsGB won across 13 sports – more medals across more sports than ever before and an average of more than ten every day. An incredible performance of which we are immensely proud.

For the first time, our athletes were recognised for the truly elite sportsmen and women that they are. Just as importantly, the Paralympics made a lot of people rethink their views on what disabled people are capable of, including many children and young people. The positive impact of this won't be known for years, but we are confident it will be significant.

London 2012 may have been and gone, but in so many ways the journey is just beginning for Paralympic sport. Maximising the momentum from London is our focus now, to Sochi and Rio of course but also to ensure that we make the most of the unique opportunity that London has created to get more disabled people involved in sport at all levels.