Focus Groups

How do you fair?

Which groups relate to iron?

*There are 2 distinct population groups relating to iron . Children & women of child-bearing age who need to supplement, and men & post-menopausal women who do not. The figure on the previous page is a population average but it is important to acknowledge the differing needs, herein described, when assessing a supplement programme for an individual.


The 5-a-Day message is an integral part of this equation, as 95% of our protective nutrients are found in our 5-a-Day. Each portion of fruit or veg we consume gives us nearly 20% of our antioxidant/protective nutrient intake. The following is the average intake of fruit and vegetables across the population:

Age Portions
Men Women
19-24 1.2 1.8
25-29 2.6 2.7
Over 50 3.6 3.8
On Average 2.7 2.8

Of most significance is that NONE of the groups are getting 5 portions a day.
The young people are worst off and it is easy to see that they are storing up significant problems for the future. This is borne out by many doctors who notice that diseases previously seen only in the elderly are now affecting those who are much younger [1].