Depleated nutrients

The State of The Food

In June 2002, The American Medical Association recommended that everyone should take a multivitamin & mineral supplement to help prevent chronic diseases resulting from a diet of nutrient depleted foods. The food throughout Europe is similarly depleted.


Intensive farming

Fewer minerals are returned to the soil than are taken out. Growing plants can use 60 minerals and trace minerals, but man returns only 3 to the soil in the form of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). The reason for this NPK mixture is that scientists found that these were the three minerals which encouraged plants to grow quickly, and yield is considered more important than nutritional content. But with many minerals taken out and only 3 put back, this inevitably gives rise to deficiencies of the rest. There is evidence to show that on average the same food was 45-125% more nutritionally rich 60 years ago.