Question: If I was to buy a supplement from your website, would I be getting just the ingredients shown on the label or do your supplements contain other ingredients that are not shown?

Our vegan supplements or vegan vitamins contain only the ingredients that are shown on the label. We pride ourselves on supplying the cleanest, purest and non chemical ingredients in the UK.

Question: How long do you take to send my order once I have paid for it on your website?

Our picking staff can normally pick your order in under 12 minutes. Once picked the same person will then pack your order so no mistakes can happen. Once packed the order is placed in our mailing department ready for the Royal Mail to collect. We trade Monday from 7 am through to Saturday at 11 am. If an order comes into our website before 3 pm this would normally be posted the same trading day. Any order that comes into our website after 11 am on Saturday would be posted on Monday at 3 pm. All orders are sent fast & free.

Question: Do you have any help areas where I can look at regarding a certain type of issue?

We have an aliments page which shows a range of health issues which can be helpful to a number of people. These pages have suggested protocols that could help you.

Question: Can I add a link to your website from my website as I think you could help a lot of people with your vegan supplements?

We would be more than happy to allow a link. Please email for confirmation as our licence agreement means some websites are not allowed.

Question: I notice that your prices seem a little higher than I have seen on other supplement websites.

That's a good point. Our prices are slightly higher because of the quality ingredients we choose to use. If you were to buy a chemical based supplements rather than our vegan supplements, you would get a far cheaper and less effective supplement. Also the chemical supplements contain bulkers, fillers and stabilizers ingredients that can some times affect your health in a negative way. We are trying to get better health NOT bad health.