Deficiency Table

Our extensive ailment list

Beta Glucan Immune primer - enhancing normal immune activity against non-self components, such as pathogens and cancer cells Susceptibility to infections, allergies & cancer
Carotenoids Essential for cell communication and redifferentiation
Protects skin & retina
Macular degeneration
Skin & other cancers
EPA/DHA Cell membrane stabiliser & anti-inflammatory
Cardio-protective: Antithrombotic & lowers blood fats
Essential for health of joints, circulation & reproduction
Heart disease
Dry skin
Inflamatory conditions
Poor eyesight & memory
Reproductive problems
Flavonoids Antioxidant - immune support
Highly protective of DNA
Anti-allergic, antibacterial, antiviral & antifungal
Membrane fragility, bruising & inflammation
Immune insufficiency & allergies