Daily Effects

Everyone at risk

Where can we start to regain control of our nutritional needs?

  • Research shows that 500mg of vitamin C daily can cut death rates by 50%. The average Western intake is 58mg.
  • The World Health Organisation says we need 2.5μg/kg body weight of selenium per day for health and protection from viruses - i.e. a 60kg person needs around 150μg/day. The average UK diet supplies 39μg/day, which means that almost everyone who is not supplementing has a significant shortfall. The recent SACN report showed that 47% of girls in the 11-18 age group had intakes of iron below the Lower Reference Nutrient.
  • Vitamin D: this vitamin plays a major role in the prevention of cancers, osteoporosis and falls in the elderly, and in mental health and wellbeing. Low intakes have been identified in all age groups, but the lowest is in those who need it most - people over 64 and pregnant and nursing women. The most recent data suggests that intakes of up to 5’000iu - 10’000iu would be beneficial and do no harm, whereas the current RDA is 200iu.
  • Oily fish: known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and other inflammatory conditions, and to promote mental acuity and concentration. All groups failed to meet the recommended level of 1 portion per week - the mean intake being 0.3.