Daily Effects

Everyone at risk

Our daily lives are now affected

  • Fast and processed foods are foods which have often lost most of their vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Food processing dramatically reduces the mineral content of food by 20-80%, depending on the processing method involved. For example, the nutrient losses in flour refining are: Calcium 50%; Magnesium 84.7%; Chromium 40%; Manganese 86%; and Zinc 77%

In our time, the eco balance has been disturbed, and this has had significant repercussions on the nutrition of humans and animals.

  1. Water - no longer pure and natural. It is treated with fluoride and other chemicals, many of which affect the way our bodies absorb vitamins and minerals. For instance, fluoride inhibits iodine absorption.
  2. Air - no longer clean and fresh. It is full of pollution in the form of industrial waste and fuel fumes. There are more free radicals, which in turn pollute our bodies and increase our antioxidant requirements.
  3. Light - marred by air pollution. Pure light is extremely important for cell growth and development in plants, animals and humans.
  4. Nutrients and Food