Body Imbalance

Contributing factors

An important study

In 1988, the Surgeon General in the USA concluded that 15 out of every 21 deaths involved nutritional deficiencies. If most of our population is now deficient in one or more essential nutrients, this figure is likely to be much higher today in all countries. Indeed, there is a proliferation of research highlighting diseases linked to poor nutritional status. As a result, there has been a dramatic turnaround in the opinion of medical experts. Dr Tom Saunders, Professor of Nutrition at Kings College, London, believes it is almost impossible to select a diet that supplies every nutrient needed for health [4]. Many scientists, who still state in public - as a result of peer pressure - that we don’t need supplements, acknowledge in private that we do, and indeed take supplements themselves [4]. This decision to take supplements is based on a substantial body of scientific evidence which has demonstrated the benefits.