Where to Get Thyroid Support Supplements

Thyroid or rather the thyroid gland is an organ on your throat that produces a hormone essential in the metabolism process. Metabolism is the way your body uses its energy in the process of breaking down food into its basic forms and absorption of the basic form of food into the body system. The thyroid hormone plays a vital role in regulating body functions like breathing, your heart rate, body weight, muscle strength and much more.

Therefore, the function of the thyroid gland in producing the hormone is dependent on the nutrients you take from natural food sources or thyroid support supplements from a reputable manufacturer. However, before we go to where such supplements can be purchased, it is important to look at some aspects of the thyroid hormone.

Facts About the Thyroid Hormone

The lack of thyroid hormone or minimal levels of its production causes a condition called hypothyroidism. The condition can be eliminated by using certain minerals and vitamins especially if the case that the gland is producing limited amounts of the hormone. The vitamins and minerals facilitate the gland into making enough thyroid hormones. So, what are these minerals and vitamins that are essential to the production of the hormone?

Vitamin B

Normally, the B vitamins have numerous interactions with the thyroid function as well as thyroid hormone regulation in the body. Specialists agree that it is vital to take supplements with the entire B complex to reap the full benefits of the vitamin towards hormone production. In case your doctor or dietician finds that your vitamin B levels are low, then you may need an additional vitamin B12 acquired through thyroid support supplements.


Zinc is a mineral essential in synthesizing of the thyroid hormone. It facilitates the conversion of thyroid hormone from T4 to T3. The synthesis is pertinent to improving the thyroid function and regulating hormone levels. Women require about 8 milligrams of zinc per day while men need about 11 milligrams per day. If you cannot get enough zinc from natural food sources then you need to consider thyroid support supplements.

Where to Find Thyroid Support Supplements

Thyroid support supplements are not special or specific supplements made to support thyroid functions. These are normal nutritional supplements that have vitamins and minerals in them. Therefore, vitamin B, vitamin D, zinc and iodine supplements qualify as thyroid support supplements.

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