What to Do After LGBTQ Pride Cancelled

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June marks the pride month which historically is coloured with rainbow events. Events that celebrate and bring Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community awareness to the society. It is a month that is vibrantly celebrated with marches and peaceful riots which are especially massive in the United States but currently practised in solidarity all over the world. However, with LGBTQ pride cancelled in most parts of the world including the UK, what should one do?

The cancellation comes amid the COVID-19 pandemic which may spread when people congregate in groups. The march and riots in the streets mean that people have to be close. Social distancing would work but doing so with large crowds is a tall order as not everyone is disciplined.

UK Government’s Position

The UK government agrees to the position LGBTQ pride cancelled as they do not want to lose what they have worked so hard for. The nation-wide pride month celebrations could lead to rescinding of the strides the country has made towards overcoming the pandemic. The Prime Minister adds that he would allow for the country to fall back into a dire situation after it had made commendable steps towards winning. He asserted that moving too fast would lead the country to slip back into more infections. Therefore, he supports the gradual relief approach.

So, what does one do? Should the concerned parties postpone their events to next year? Should they ignore government directives and hit the streets in defiance and accordance to the Stonewall riots from which the event is derived? We think not! LGBTQ pride cancelled does not mean that we postpone. It is not known how next year would be and certainly, this does not mean that we defy government directives.

The Sane Option

With LGBTQ pride cancelled, it means that we have to look for alternative options to celebrate pride month. The UK government has recently permitted a maximum congregation of six people either in public parks or private gardens. The modern age has also bestowed upon us technology that can help us connect with numbers all over the world. We dissuade against gatherings unless everyone is a family member currently residing under one roof.

However, technology can turn LGBTQ pride cancelled into a viable event if everyone considers a virtual platform. People can meet through virtual connections on their computers and mobile phones. Different virtual platforms can host live events and allow people to stream and comment. Such platforms include Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Zoom among others.

How to Prepare

Look online for an LGBT pride event calendar and choose the event you would wish to virtually be a part of. Get your coloured outfit and stock up on supplements that would give you energy because we assure you the event is going to be spontaneous as usual. Check out online pride month calendars to have a feel of the events.

LGBTQ pride cancelled should not deter you from a month of fun and awareness sharing. However, remember to stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic.