The secret of calcium supplements; a healthy skeletal framework isn’t all of its benefits

calcium supplements

Calcium is likely to be picked out of all active nutrients as the enhancer for strong bones and teeth. However, calcium supplements might have little or no effect if it is not supplemented with other active nutrients like protein, vitamin B3, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. Supplementing calcium with vitamin D will help for quick synthesis into the bloodstream and tissues, including bones and teeth.

Young women are lucky to adopt calcium supplements at an early age, because of their neurological importance against osteoporosis and arthritis at an older age. The reason why women over 50 suffer more from these diseases at an older age is linked to the fact that women have a lower bone mass compared to men. Thus, it is essential to fill up and replicate the essential cells for better support. Calcium does not perform its role on its own; it needs the help of other minerals to perform its full role in our system. How about supplementing calcium with other minerals to get specific results?

Why one must Supplement Calcium with vitamin D3

Foods rich in vitamin D are egg yolk, cheese, fish, fruits and vegetables. The possibility is, if you have one of these foods at least twice in a week, the result of having calcium supplements might be noticeable in a short while. These results are:

  • Maintenance of bones and teeth
  • Rejuvenation of worn-out cells and tissues in the bone and teeth gum
  • Vitamin D helps for the quick synthesis of calcium into the bloodstream, meaning a deficiency in vitamin D will render calcium supplements

Vitamin D and Vitamin C are wonderful to aid calcium absorption, but there are some minerals which should not be taken together with calcium, as they slow down the reaction.

Learn about “Calcium supplements with magnesium”

Calcium and Magnesium perform their specific tasks. Even still they can cause unfavourable conditions when taken together; it’s like mixing diesel and petrol together. Of course, it will cause damage to the engine of the car, even though they are considered as fuel to vehicles.

The same theory applies to supplements. A high calcium intake will reduce the absorption of magnesium, while a higher magnesium intake will reduce the effect of calcium in our system. It’s just as simple as it seems; do not take magnesium and calcium supplements at the same time. Take them at intervals instead.

How to take calcium supplements if you have Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease of the bone that requires more than calcium supplements to manage. At this point, there is no known cure for arthritis. The effect of arthritis can be tackled, but with care and knowledge.

“Body by nature supplements” recommend 4 minerals to help manage arthritis:

  1. Calcium-30 Eco pack
  2. Pure Krill oil- 30 eco pack
  3. High potency antioxidant
  4. Inflammation support- 30 eco pack

Do you think this could just be another prescription from online pharmacies? You might be wrong to think so. I mean for a disease which has no approved cure, will four supplements recommended by an online pharmacy really work as a cure? The answer is no. Arthritis is like a small headache you develop. You take paracetamol and the pain ceases until it is triggered by something else.

For arthritis, Pure Krill oil- 30 eco pack and Inflammation support- 30 eco pack will help to prevent the inflammatory effects of arthritis on the joints and bones. High potency antioxidant protects bone tissues from damages resulting from the previous inflammation of the cells. The difference between arthritis and regular headaches is that 98% of arthritis cases reported are from seniors above 50 years.

It is, therefore, necessary to adopt calcium supplements at a younger age to prevent arthritis at an older age