Supplements on eBay To Buy Amid Coronavirus

Coronavirus, as suggested by the name, is a virus that originated from Wuhan, China and spread to the world and caused a global pandemic. The virus has no cure at the moment. Labs are coming up with vaccines but none has been rendered effective or safe for mass production. This means that people have to get accustomed to the rather draconian measures taken to curb the pandemic.

However, people have devised new ways to adapt to the situation. One such move is eating healthy to boost or keep their immune systems healthy. It is difficult to measure the number of nutrients people are getting from natural food sources. Therefore, some are settling on taking supplements on eBay to boost their nutrient levels.

Essential Supplements

The essential supplements are those that will provide the required nutrients to assist the immune system wade off coronavirus. The most effective is a set of vitamins required by the immune system to keep it healthy. So, when you order supplements on eBay make sure they have the following nutrients.

The supplements on eBay should be of the multivitamin range. Multivitamins are a combination of vitamins and minerals all in one capsule to save you the hustle of having to take several supplements at the same time. Vitamins are also the essential nutrients required for boosting the immune system.

List of Nutrients in Multivitamins

To aid your immune system, make sure that your multivitamins contain the following nutrients:

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D normally helps with the absorption of calcium in the human body. The nutrient also has receptors and activating enzymes on the white blood cells that are required to keep a balance in the immune system. If there is too much stimulation, the situation could lead to autoimmune disease and if there is less activity then you are prone to infections like COVID-19.

Vitamin C

Oranges and lemon are full of vitamin C and it is common for us to boil a cup of lemon water or tea to keep away or treat the common cold. However, vitamin C in some cases has been ruled out as an immune-supporting vitamin because of the conflicting results got from research. Vitamin C is needed for optimal antibody production. It is the antibodies that fight invasive pathogens like the virus causing COVID-19.


Iron is a nutrient that is essential for your immune system. Its role is linked to the proliferation of immune cells as well as their maturation. An iron deficiency in your body may lead to an inadequate response of the immune system to foreign dangerous pathogens. A good supplement for iron is Iron 10mg with vitamin C. although not found on eBay.


Zinc is a mineral nutrient that offers both anti-inflammatory effects and rich in antioxidants. Zinc deficiency may lead to a severe shut down of the immune system. This suggests that zinc is essential to your immune system. One of the coronavirus symptoms is a sore throat and as stated, zinc is an anti-inflammatory. This is to suggest that zinc can give you a fighting chance against getting infected.

Multivitamins containing the listed nutrients are essential in fighting off coronavirus. Always adhere to dosage specifications as inscribed on the package or as advised by the doctor.