Supplements on Amazon Potency Issues


The recent coronavirus pandemic has spread and become a global pandemic. With numbers of confirmed infections being over millions, the fatalities are also high. The pandemic has brought a new reality where the economy for most nations are shattered and life as we know it completely changed.

Simple norms like getting supplements on Amazon have changed as people have to endure longer delivery times or lack the supplements altogether. The World Health Organization has come up with simple measures like social distancing and staying home which governments have affected therefore changing the landscape of life in most countries.

Longer to Get Supplements on Amazon

With coronavirus as the new norm in the world, the infrastructure or delivery channels for getting your supplements on Amazon has been disrupted. The country of origin of the supplements may be on a complete shutdown which means no products are leaving or coming into the country. It means that the supplement will not be available for sale.

Goods coming into and out of a country as well as the people transporting them may be subjected to extra screening leading to the extra time needed for the supplements on Amazon to get to you. Longer delivery times may have some repercussions on the potency of the supplements.

Potency of Supplements

Supplements on Amazon don’t have an expiry date. Nutrients typically do not expire and are therefore safe to consume indefinitely. However, it is important to consider their potency. The potency is the power they have to be effective and on average takes about two years for supplements on Amazon to have their potency. The fact is dependent on whether the supplements are stored as required. For instance, are they stored in a cool dry place away from direct light?

With longer wait times for supplements in the delivery chain, the period for supplement potency is reduced. With COVID-19 disruptions, the distribution channels may be compromised and your supplements exposed to bad storage, exposing the supplements to poor conditions that may affect its quality. Therefore, when you order, consider the elements and understand the risks.

A Better Solution

Rather than subject your order to longer delivery times and risks to the quality of supplements on Amazon, choose other merchant services locally available to serve your needs. Body by Nature is an organization specialized in safe vegan supplements. It only deals with supplements assuring you of the best quality supplements in the market. Being their profession, your supplements get delivered on time and quality is not compromised.

Issues to do with your order are efficiently handled as supplements are the only products, they deal with, unlike Amazon who deals in a wide array of products. A situation that solicits a larger number of queries on orders and products hence longer periods for issues to be solved. Once you receive your supplements, remember to adhere to the dosage inscribed on the package or as advised by your doctor. Order more to cater for any eventuality during the coronavirus pandemic.