Supplements on Amazon for The Entire Family

Multi vitamin

As parents, it is time that you sat down and considered supplements on Amazon for your entire family. Apart from the people in the family that needed supplements as a medical prescription due to a deficiency of a particular nutrient, you could consider starting a new regimen for those who were not on any. Reason being that we have to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic is a global pandemic affecting everyone including your family members. The disease can affect anyone from a newborn child to the eldest senior in your family. In fact, the newborns and the eldest seniors are the riskiest to contracting COVID-19 because their immune system is weaker than the rest. Here is what each family member needs to stay healthy.


The newborns can only get nutrients from their mother’s breastmilk and that’s how it should be. Mum’s milk has the essential nutrients the baby requires to stay immune. Only the mother can take supplements if the doctor allows it and ensures that they are safe supplements.

However, supplements are safe for children above the age of breastfeeding. They require nutrients that will help with brain development, energy for their playful nature, and strong bone developments. Supplements on Amazon with such properties include: Calcium, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K. Vitamin B, C, and D have properties which boost their immune system improving their chances of fighting COVID-19.

The best option for kids is multivitamins containing the mentioned nutrients as they may have a difficult time swallowing many pills.

Adults in the Home

Adults need the same nutrient regimen children to do but the dosage is different as they do not require a lot of development. Therefore, when ordering supplements on Amazon consider vitamins A, B, C, D, and K for the adults. Perhaps more of vitamin B and D as they are essential for increasing energy levels in adults. Adults need more energy to handle daily tasks around the home when quarantined.

Also, adults could have Zinc and Iron supplements on Amazon to improve their immune systems during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Elderly

Seniors are better off being at home that senior care homes. Given the statistics of infection rate especially in the United States, seniors accounted for the greatest numbers of those infected by the virus while in care homes. They are better and safer at home than in care homes.

Seniors are often troubled with weaker muscles, brittle bones, weaker brains and tiredness. Their bodies also experience difficulties in synthesizing nutrients from natural food sources. Seniors need more of the supplements on Amazon with higher doses of Calcium, vitamin B, C, and D and Iron and Zinc. The elevated doses are meant for addressing energy requirements, bumper immune system and stronger bones.

Other Options to Supplements on Amazon

You might need alternatives to Amazon as you may experience delays in orders. In this case, you could consider Body by Nature as they specialize in vegan supplements.