Quarantine Exercises and Vitamins on Amazon


Quarantine is the act of self-isolating at home to avoid unnecessary movement publicly. Public movement increases the risk of contracting coronavirus. Quarantine has moved from becoming a World Health Organization (WHO) to government mandatory measures that have introduced you to a new lifestyle.

As you are stuck home and ordering your vitamins on Amazon, you tend to become bored and this could drive you towards depression or stress. Stress and depression or anxiety could weaken your immune system and increase the risk of contracting the deadly virus. Therefore, apart from using vitamins on Amazon to boost the immune system, you could also exercise at home to keep fit, healthy and wade off the virus.

Exercises Workout Regimen

Exercising at home is an easy task and you do not need gym equipment to do so. The WHO, for instance, recommends 150 hours per week of moderate activity or 75 hours a week of vigorous-intensity physical activity. Both can be achieved by normal activities like when working in the house like doing daily chores.

So, while taking your vitamins on Amazon, you could sweep the house every day, walk the dog, rake the leaves in the compound among other activities. The WHO also recommends that you follow an online exercise class.

Here are some of the exercises you could find online:

Knee to elbow

While standing up straight, lift your right leg knee towards your chest and meet it up with your left-hand elbow then do the same for the opposite side. Do it for 2 minutes then rest for 60 seconds then repeat the sequence. Do this five times before moving to the next set of exercises.


Lie on the floor with your tummy facing the ground. Lift your upper body with your forearms firmly on the ground. Your elbows should be under shoulders. Lift your tummy and hips to remain suspended and your toes holding the ground on the lower end. Hold that position for 30 seconds then rest for 60 seconds before going for the next round. Do this five times before moving to the nest exercise.

Back Extensions

Lie down flat on your tummy and put your hand behind your head as you would do with sit-ups. Lit your upper body keeping your legs and knees on the ground then lower the upper body back down. Do this 10 times or more then rest for 60 seconds before repeating the sets 5 times.

Chair Dips

Using a chair in your house, put it behind you then crouch down to hold the chair on either arm using both your hands. Move your feet about 1 metre away from the chair then lift your body up using your arms till they attain a straight position. Do this ten times then take a 60-second break before doing the exercise 5 times.

Exercise and vitamins on Amazon will help you and family keep fit and improve immune systems to fight COVID-19. When taking vitamin supplements always follow dosage instructions inscribed in the package or adhere to doctor’s specification. If Amazon is not an option, click here for other vitamin options.