Body support supplements; the best supplements in 2020 for bone health

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When the topic of the human body support comes up, the skeleton is the first thing that comes to mind. You’re never wrong by what you know; it depends on the questions being asked: Like How important is our nervous system for body movements (Ever heard of Parkinson’s disease?)? Body support supplements don’t only help in muscle and bone regeneration, it is also important for our organs and system, because every part works together for the efficiency of our body support system.

What body support supplements does for your skeleton

Calcium, vitamin D and protein are the key trios of bone health. If bone construction were roughly compared to that of a wall, proteins would be bricks, calcium, cement, and vitamin D, the essential support to bind the whole thing and allow the building blocks to stand the test of time. Therefore, it is understandable; any deficiency of any of these three compounds dangerously compromises the solidity of the skeleton.

Pernicious, this fragility usually settles discreetly for years, without noticeable symptoms, until it results in disabling fractures at the turn of menopause for women, a few years later for men. Adopting the right reflexes from an early age is therefore crucial.

The top 3 body support supplements in 2020

Calcium: 1 g per day on average

It is essential for optimal calcification of the skeleton.

Aim for calcium intake of at least 800 mg per day, 1 g ideally. This figure rises to 1300 mg per day when needs are increased, which is the case for younger growing women, pregnant or lactating women, and the elderly. Calcium is required at a large quantity in a younger age to prevent some diseases in the latter stages of life. From menopause in women and after about 70 years in men, the production of ovarian and testicular hormones weakens, which indirectly results in a deterioration of bone density.

Diet is not always enough to meet calcium needs. Deficiencies are common in the elderly. On a case-by-case basis, depending on diet and bone health, dietary supplements may be offered.

 Vitamin D: sun and oily fish can help

It is essential for the absorption of calcium and its fixation on the bones, which are also active in a multitude of processes involved in the body. Vitamin D is nevertheless lacking in 30% of the population. This figure is close to 75% among seniors. The reason: too little skin exposure to the sun. And for good reason, if our body can produce 80% of the vitamin D we need, this first step that is played outdoors is unavoidable. Therefore, the challenge is to submit enough to UV to trigger this manufacturing process without harming the health of the skin. A simple equation, since exposing face and arm thirty minutes a day about in the summer – even in the morning or late afternoon – can suffice; in the spring and fall, an average of one to two hours a day is preferable.

The people most at risk of deficiency:  Children under the age of 16, pregnant or lactating women, seniors, but also people with disorders that impair the production of vitamin D or reflect their deficit (osteoporosis, fatigue fracture, HIV, kidney diseases, celiac disease, lactose intolerance). In these situations, a vitamin D supplement from “Body by nature supplements” is often prescribed.

Protein: For all body tissue regeneration             

They constitute the very nature of the bone, the matrix on which calcium will be able to attach itself. One gram per body kilo per day is the ideal dosage for. A woman of 60 kilos will have to consume 60 grams of protein daily. Good sources of protein are meat, fish, soy, peanut quinoa, etc…

Although they are predictable for vegetarians, and even more so for vegans because of their restrictive diet, protein deficiencies are mostly found in seniors and people in precarious situations where meat and fish often struggle to be on the meal menu.

Body support supplements work on both the physiological and anatomical structure of the human body.

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