Blood glucose support from Body by Nature Supplements

Glucose (sugar) circulates in the blood to reach the various cells of the body by taking other nutrients with it. Immediately after a meal, the sugar level rises. Between meals, after vigorous exercise or a long period without eating (as before lunch), blood sugar is at its lowest. Blood glucose testing is the best way to find out how to balance insulin and sugar from food. However, there might be a need for blood glucose support supplements for various reasons:

Blood glucose support formulas have been scientifically developed with micronutrients to help manage diabetes. Chronic diabetics are more sensitive to micronutrient deficiencies, and because micronutrients can have a positive effect on blood glucose control, pre-diabetics can also benefit.

”Body by nature supplements” blood glucose support includes a full range of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals that help maintain blood sugar levels:


Magnesium helps to reduce the level of insulin resistance, which is vital against abnormal glucose level.

Cinnamon extract:

Similar to the hormone insulin, cinnamon lowers blood sugar after meals and improves the effects of gastrointestinal hormones.


This trace element helps insulin function better in the body, improving glucose metabolism.


Human studies have shown how beneficial zinc improves fasting or low insulin levels in the blood. One good reason why people require a high amount of zinc is needed in diets or blood glucose support supplements is that zinc is most time passed out through urine. This research means that most diabetic patients are most likely deficient in zinc if no proper care is given.


Research shows the importance of molybdenum in maintaining a healthy blood glucose level, as it mimics certain functions of insulin. A Dental cavity is likely expelled by this mineral.


Intake of copper reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases caused by the aftereffect of abnormal blood glucose level.


Supplementing with manganese increases antioxidants defences and increases blood glucose control, especially for type 1 diabetes patients.

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5 Signs you need to check your blood sugar level

  1. The urgent and exaggerated need to drink water

It is important to drink water as soon as you feel the need, as thirst corresponds to the body’s need to normalize glucose levels in the body.

However, keep in mind that the problem will persist as long as blood sugar levels remain high.

  1. Lesions on the skin

Excess blood sugar can cause skin lesions such as coffee-coloured spots on the legs and redness on the face, and promote dry skin.

Also, the nails, palms of the hands and the soles of the feet can turn yellowish.

  1. Weakness and drowsiness

Because cells are unable to effectively absorb blood sugar, the energy produced decreases. This results in the appearance of the following symptoms:

  • A feeling of muscle weakness
  • extreme fatigue
  • a state of drowsiness
  • fainting

To reduce these symptoms, it is important to eat enough fresh vegetables with quality vitamins and minerals. At this point, you should adopt blood glucose support supplements.

  1. Slow healing of wounds

Hyperglycaemia causes severe alteration of blood clotting. This alteration is manifested by the appearance of bruises and bruises on the skin, as well as slow healing of the wounds.

If you notice that your wounds bleed more than usual and that your scars take some time to disappear, you need to take certain steps. When your blood glucose levels are normal again, this symptom will disappear.

  1. Vision problems

Small arteries and veins in the retina, yellow spot, retinal vessels and the head of the optic nerve are usually damaged as a result of hyperglycaemia.

Here are some examples of problems:

  • Blurred vision
  • The presence of dark spots in the visual field
  • Pain in the eye area
  • Difficulty discerning distant objects with lateral or peripheral vision