Areas to Visit in The UK Gay Pride Calendar

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible for people to meet out in public. People are not allowed to come out of their homes in some countries as a measure to discourage the spread of the disease. Following the World Health Organization (WHO) directives, governments have enforced movement curfews and urged its citizens to stay home. Indeed, the pandemic has affected many social norms including the UK gay pride calendar.

The disease spreads through human contact and is sometimes airborne through coughs and sneezes. Since the disease is fatal, it is advisable to follow WHO and government directives before the pandemic dies down. It translates to missing out on most of your planned UK gay pride calendar events. However, not all of them because you still have a chance to visit some that have not been cancelled.

Here are some events on the calendar you can consider gracing with your presence:

Sofia Pride Live – 13 June

Sofia pride Live is a Facebook event hosted by Sofia Pride. It is a live concert hosting karaoke sessions of famous drag queens, vougers (male feministic dancers), musicians in Bulgaria and other special surprises. The event is facilitated so that the whole community can sing and dance together. The event is virtual which means that you do not need to meet physically and risk getting infected.

UK gay pride calendar may have been disrupted for physical events but it is possible to be part of Sofia Pride on the 13th of June through Facebook Live. Save the date and be part of something beautiful.

Our Pride Ride – 13 June

Following the success of Pride for All event hosted by Pink News from 4 – 7 June, you would like to participate in another epic event like Sofia Pride Live on 13 June. But before doing so, take a moment to participate on Our Pride Ride hosted by Cycling UK, Pride Out and author Emily Chappel. Unfortunately, there will be no actual bike ride marches but participation will happen on social media platforms.

All you need to do to participate is to wear something rainbow then tag your ride and photos #OurPrideRide on any social media platform. The UK gay pride calendar event is something short you could do before engaging in other events.

Unity Pride Between 19 – 20 June

The UK gay pride calendar event is a two-day event hosted by Unite U.K. It seeks to unite the LGBTQ community globally and celebrate pride month during the uncertain times of coronavirus pandemic. The event will be graced by musicians’ concerts, discussion platforms on LGBTQI+ as well as panels.

Unity Pride will keep you occupied and engaged with activities for two days. People will get enlightened and entertained at the same time so save that date for yourself.

Pride at Home Between 20-28 June

The UK gay pride calendar event is hosted by Attitude Magazine and allows you to attend the inaugural Attitude Pride at Home festival of diversity and love. The festival spans nine days with two weekends. Plan to participate and support the Attitude Magazine Foundation for LGBTQ causes.

Stock up on your multivitamins to boost your energy for the month-long virtual festivities. You do not wish to get tired midway!