Celebrating Pride Month During LGBTQ Coronavirus


Coronavirus also referred to as COVID-19 has caused a worldwide pandemic that has disrupted most normal calendar events. As businesses shut down, the football season was sadly put on hold and most of all, events such as the pride month risk being postponed because of the risk of LGBTQ Coronavirus. This month we call it so to honour the community that has so used this month to fight for its rights and share LGBTQ awareness.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has opined that to avoid contracting the LGBTQ Coronavirus, we should avoid social gatherings and maintain hand hygiene by regular washing and sanitization. These are strategies that governments have adopted and enforced upon its citizens. So, if we are to avoid social gatherings, then how are we to celebrate pride month?

What’s at Stake?

LGBTQ community stands for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and Questionable or Queers. Majority of us may have experienced how these special people have been discriminated against or bullied in institutions they reside. Due to the discrimination, they have forgone positions in society while severe discriminations would lead them into psychiatric disorders, substance abuse and suicides. Now, a new threat is LGBTQ Coronavirus.

Pride month allows the LGBTQ community to voice their grievances to the world as well as issue awareness to societies that are either ignorant or sceptical about LGBTQ issues. The month of June is the only time pride month exists and if it goes by, the next opportunity the community will get is next year. Who knows? LGBTQ Coronavirus may still be with us next year. Therefore, postponing pride month to next year would be accumulating sensitive issues that we need to let out.

How to Celebrate Pride Month with LGBTQ Coronavirus

LGBTQ Coronavirus is real and we cannot risk contracting the virus. We have to heed to government directives as well as those of the WHO. The LGBTQ community can still stay indoors and celebrate pride month. All they need is a little creativity to make the month memorable as well as raise awareness about their existence and plight in society. It would be a great way to stand up to LGBTQ Coronavirus.

Creativity means engaging your neighbours in your building complex to dress up in the rainbow-themed colours and stand in your balconies to sing songs. Take pictures and videos of the event and post them online to share with the world. The idea keeps you distanced from your neighbors and therefore deters the risk of being infected with LGBTQ Coronavirus. You could also join other online platforms that are going live depending on the day of the calendar. The events will entertain and engage on issues touching on the LGBTQ community. Check online for pride month events you can participate in.

Don’t Forget to Stay Safe

Pride month doesn’t mean that we let our guard down. We should continue practising the measures to avoid catching LGBTQ Coronavirus. One effective way has always been to keep your immune system strong against the virus by taking multivitamins that will boost your immune system.