Are Multivitamins on Amazon Safe?

Vitamin D3 in Multivitamins

As a question that has commonly been asked and fondly answered, the aspects of the safety of multivitamins on Amazon has changed. A new perspective that influences the redefinition of the question is coronavirus as a new global pandemic. The pandemic has swept the world by storm introducing people to new realities that they were not accustomed to. For instance, most countries never considered virtual learning for schools. COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools to close and children to be taught from the confines of their homes.

The measure comes after directives by the World Health Organization (WHO) suggested that social distancing and keeping away from large crowds was the best way of beating virus spread. As such ordering multivitamins on Amazon has become a better solution in complying with WHO directives and ultimately eradicating the virus.

Original Skepticism About Multivitamins on Amazon

Multivitamins are supplements that people take to either substitute the natural food nutrients they can’t have or boost their nutrition levels. However, they are not regulated by the FDA as medical drugs are. Medical drugs have to go through years of trials before they are approved by the FDA. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Only aspects of supplements are controlled by the FDA. For instance, labelling and declarations about supplement use.

The FDA decrees that ingredients used in making the supplements and dosage should clearly be labelled on the package. There should be no declaration whatsoever that the supplements treat any disease. Also, the FDA brings to notice what supplements are good for consumption and those that are bad based on their composition.

Amazon also put in place rigorous acceptance measures before putting a product on their catalogue. Amazon’s ultimate objective is to keep their customers safe from unscrupulous brands. Therefore, multivitamins on Amazon was considered safe. How about the current situation?

Multivitamins on Amazon amid COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the perspective on how we look at many things. More importantly how we procure our supplements. It has now changed from going to the drug store to buying them online. As such, the move has opened a new can of worms. The WHO stipulates that coronavirus could spread from contaminated surfaces. However, the challenge exists when it comes to determining how long the virus can survive on a surface. With research still clueless on the exact answer, scientists are concluding that it depends on the conditions.

Therefore, is it possible for coronavirus to be contracted from your multivitamins on Amazon? Well, it’s a possibility and its better to be precautious than sorry. It is important to decontaminate your package using sanitizer spray before handling it. While waiting for researchers to come up with an answer, our duty remains to be cautious.

If Amazon scares you, you could consider other small local suppliers that will still make deliveries but practice more stringent measures against COVID-19. Remember to always take the right dosage as specified by the package or your doctor. Wrong dosages can harm you in the long run.